UKTV Ventures | About

The Fund

UKTV Ventures has £8m of premium advertising to invest annually in UK start-up / scale-up businesses. A similar model to Venture Capital but rather than invest/trade cash we invest advertising to help small businesses scale at pace.

What We Look For

We are sector agnostic, investing in consumer products/services that fit with UKTV's viewing audience and who meet the following criteria.

  • Direct to consumers propositions

  • Operate in a sizeable sector

  • Primarily operate in the UK

  • Operationally ready to scale

  • Products/services with growth potential

  • New to TV brands

  • Seed to Series B funding stage

UKTV Channels

UKTV is the third largest commercial broadcast network across the UK and Ireland, operating seven linear channels and a Video on Demand service - UKTV Play.

UKTV’s channel network reaches around 26 million people every month, across a diversified audience including age, gender, and social demographic. Click on the icons to find out more about the channels.

What are your investment sizes?

Investments sizes vary by individual business objectives and products/services. UKTV’s average investment size is £1.5 million with a minimum investment size of £500K.

How long does a media campaign run for?

The length of a media campaign depends on many factors including the investment size; one’s target market; and seasonal demand. Typically, a TV campaign runs for between 5 – 12 months and can be realised over multiple years.

What are the average timelines to realising a deal?

A 12 – 16-week timeline from initial conversation to signature of the investment. A further two to three months should be factored in to produce the TV advert.

Are there other costs associated with this investment?

Yes, but in most cases they are less than £10K.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch.


Apart from UKTV channels boasting some of strongest direct response rates in the market, UKTV’s in house media team plans and optimises the on air campaign to ensure maximum return on investment.

We are motivated by helping start-ups navigate their way through the complex world of TV advertising to punch above their weight, build brands and accelerate growth.