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Grocery app facilitating rapid grocery deliveries across the UK.

UKTV has signed a new airtime-for-equity deal with Beelivery, the UK's leading on-demand grocery delivery business, to help grow the company and further strengthen its position as the market leader in the grocery delivery sector. Greenbank Capital Inc has also provided financial investment.

The partnerships with UKTV and Greenbank Capital will enable Beelivery to accelerate its business strategy as it seeks to gain 450,000 new customers over the next two years.

Beelivery's TV debut will launch with advertising spots on UKTV's seven channels - Alibi, Dave, Drama, Eden, Gold, W, and Yesterday. With over 30 million viewers a month across the network, the campaign will reach a broad new customer pool during its 12-month campaign. UKTV has an equity stake in the business in return for the advertising slots.

I've been thoroughly impressed with Beelivery's growth to date and am excited to see how this investment will help the company scale to the next level. It's an exciting moment to be launching Beelivery's first ever TV campaign and helping to showcase the amazing service it has to offer customers at a time when it's needed the most. With a compelling customer proposition coupled with value for money, I believe Beelivery is well placed to serve customers' needs in a growing segment of the grocery delivery market.Sheena Amin,
Director of UKTV Ventures

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